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A totally bespoke treatment depending on your main concerns.

Includes skin tightening, muscle toning and fat reduction methods to increase collagen in the area, reduce the appearance of loose skin and cellulite and provide inch loss. 


Lipofirm PRO;

 Radio Frequency

Dynamic Muscle Activation

Lymphatic Drainage



  Abdomen, Thighs, Buttocks, Knees, Upper Arms


        30 mins 

        Lipofirm £200 p/a 

        HIFU £350 p/a


Stubborn Fatty Deposits, Loose or Sagging Skin, Cellulite, General Desire for Weight Loss and Lift in Area 


Lipofirm: Between 4-8 treatments recommended at 1-2 week intervals depending on client and desired results

HIFU: Between 3-4 treatments recommended at 2-3 month intervals depending on client and desired results


  • Moderate to excessive erythema (redness) which should subside within an hour



Metal Implants of Any Kind (Inc. Pins, Prothesis and Contraceptive Coil), Vascular or Cardiac Conditions (Inc. High Blood Pressure), Cancer or History of Cancer (5 Years), Hysterectomy or Caesarean Section (6-12 Months Dependant) Immunosuppressive Disease, Blood Disorders, Haemorrhagic Disease or Vascular Rupture, Epilepsy, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Birth (3 Months) Diabetes, Open Wounds and Abrasion, Undiagnosed Swelling, Undiagnosed Rash, Internal Bleeding and Ulcers, Kidney or Liver Disease, Menstruation, History of Deep Vein Thrombosis or Varicose Veins, Course of Anti-Coagulants/Inflammatories or Antibiotics, Long Term Steroid Use, Organ Transplant, Recent Laser Treatment in Area (2 Weeks), Under 18 Years Old, Sensory Impairment, Keloid Scarring, Gold/Plastic Cosmetic Threads in Area, Allergy To Glycerin, Surgery in Area (Wait 6 Months), Cavitation, Liposuction or Fat Freezing (3 Months)

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