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Using the most effective equipment on the market and products such as Dr. Barbara Sturm, Obagi, Medik8 and Skinceuticals, custom to skin type and concern. A free 15 minute consultation is included in the appointment prior to treatment.

The Glow

A facial using a range of electrical currents and methods such as Cool-Lifting, EMS, LED Light Therapy, Galvanic and Direct Frequency to enhance your facial tone, texture and health

The Firm

A facial that uses Radio Frequency Waves and Cool-lifting Therapy to increase collagen production and hydration in both the long and short-term

The Body Lift

A procedure using the patented Lipofirm Pro technology to tighten the skin, tone the muscle and reduce fatty deposits using Radio Frequency and Dynamic Muscle Activation

The Complexion

A facial using micro-needles to re-model the skin and increase product penetration

The Rejuvenate Peel

A peel using a specific blend of acids to immediately brighten and renew the skin with minimal downtime

The Face Lift

A treatment using HIFU waves to lift and tighten the face and neck by promoting collagen production and instantly tightening the elastin fibres

The Blemish Peel

A peel using a specific blend of acids to reduce congestion and inflammation in the skin with minimal downtime

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